Provide an Automatic Material Handling Solution for EMSD

BPS Global is proud to provide an automatic material handling solution for Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of HKSAR Government. The solution includes high technology Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and “Smart Pick-up Cabinet”.


The AI driven AMRs will optimize the put away, storage and picking operations. Our Warehouse Control System (WCS) will be fully integrated with client’s IT system. The storage and pick up instructions will be generated automatically once the corresponding order is triggered. The end users can pick up their own spare parts in the “Smart Pick-up Cabinet” efficiently by entering the password. Other than labour cost and storage space saving, our system can reduce close contact between colleagues under current COVID-19.


BPS will keep going to strive for more innovative solutions for Hong Kong industries.

Project Details 


Scope of Work

  • Logistics Automation



  • Hong Kong